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Revolutionizing patient care with personal care and AI technology.

My name is Balthasar Huber, and together with my father, Lukas A. Huber, we founded BaluMed. Our goal is to revolutionize patient care by helping people take an informed and proactive approach to their illnesses. A deeper understanding of their illness enables patients to better implement treatment plans, ask specific questions and thus contribute to better overall management of their illness.

The inspiration: A father who makes a difference

My father, Lukas, is a doctor and university professor working in cancer and rare disease research. But his support is not limited to his professional career. He often helps friends, acquaintances and family members who are faced with a diagnosis, usually cancer, and feel overwhelmed. He takes the time to help them understand their diagnosis, understand the course of the disease and plan the next steps. His care has given many people hope but also saved them from scams and risks on the internet, which are particularly common with cancer diagnoses.

The idea behind BaluMed

Our vision for BaluMed was born out of the desire to offer people who don't have anyone like my father in their circle of acquaintances the same opportunity to better understand their illness at home, at their own pace, and to get involved in their treatment in the best possible way.

Our first step is to translate the patient's findings into simple, understandable words. In doing so, we face the challenge of the flood of information on the Internet, where much of the information is not reliable. There is an urgent need for high-quality, trustworthy and personalized information to support patients during this difficult time, and this is where BaluMed comes in.

AI at the service of patients

To achieve this, we use Artificial Intelligence (AI), which helps us to make results immediately available and to understand the most diverse formats of medical documents (findings, doctor's letters, etc.). To ensure the highest quality, we combine our database of medical knowledge with AI technology and supplement this with personal reviews by our medical team. This allows the system to continuously learn and become better and more optimized.

The future of BaluMed

At BaluMed, we combine cutting-edge technology with personalized care and medical expertise to support patients during one of the most difficult phases of their lives. Our focus is to help patients gain a better understanding of their disease, focus fully on their treatment and find a better way to manage the disease. To do this, we can draw on our AI-powered translation of findings and our comprehensive service offering, which includes personalized recommendations and information on supportive resources, informative articles and helpful organizations.

We believe our approach will usher in a new era of patient care. We want to ensure that no one feels alone or overwhelmed when faced with a disease diagnosis. Through our mission to help people fight disease and promote informed coping, we want to pave the way to recovery. Visit our website to learn more about BaluMed and join our mission. Together we can consciously confront the disease.