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Our Mission

Our goal is to support both patients and doctors in health and medicine and to provide easy access to high-quality medical knowledge. We aim to promote improved disease management and improve adherence to therapy through education and understanding. To this end, we collaborate closely with a network of specialists and scientists who assist in the development and optimization of our offerings.

  • Balthasar Huber, MSc.

    Co-founder & CEO

    As a computer scientists and former handball national player, Balthasar Huber has conducted research in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the field of medicine. He was also a co-founder of the construction management software Sitelife and served as Head of Product & Engineering.

  • Univ-Prof. Dr. med.univ. Lukas A. Huber

    Co-founder & Advisory Board

    Lukas Alfons Huber is an Austrian physician, cell biologist and university professor at the Medical University of Innsbruck. He is a co-founder of the Austrian Drug Screening Institute (ADSI) and the Oncotyrol Center for Personalized Cancer Medicine in Innsbruck. He is the president of the Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine. Currently, he leads, along with ASCENION, Munich, a preclinical drug development program for multiple myeloma.