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Confusing medical report? BaluMed's report explanation provides reliable clarity. Created with artificial intelligence and reviewed by doctors – understandable information when you need it.

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I must say, we are really impressed. The whole process was very uncomplicated and works flawlessly. I was surprised that we received a result so quickly even at 10:30 pm. Also, the way the report was translated is really great. Detailed, easily understandable, and empathetic.

Manuel Gierlinger, BEd.
Teacher and Handball Coach

Medical reports explained

Understand your medical documents at your own pace.

It can often be difficult to absorb all the information when receiving a diagnosis. Due to high workload, doctors have limited time for explanations. Laborious online research at home complicates the situation. BaluMed helps you overcome these challenges by deciphering confusing terms and explaining your report in an easily understandable way. This allows you to make informed decisions for your health, absorb information at your own pace, and optimally prepare for follow-up conversations with your doctor.

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Understandably Prepared.
The medical information in your reports is presented clearly, translated into easy-to-understand language, and can be read aloud or printed out.
Fast Results.
By using modern AI technology, we enable quick medical report explanations.
Medically Reviewed.
Report explanations are carefully reviewed by experienced doctors before release, thereby providing reliable information.
All Documents & Available Everywhere.
BaluMed is easily accessible and usable on mobile devices and desktop computers. We support all common medical documents such as reports, doctor's letters, and discharge papers, regardless of the clinic.
Anonymized Data.
Data security is a top priority. Personal data is protected and uploaded documents are anonymized, so that neither you nor the treating doctors can be identified.
Supports Doctors.
BaluMed does not offer a second opinion or alternative treatment options, but supports doctors in treatment by providing understandable explanations.


Thousands of patients better understand their medical conditions with BaluMed.

I have used BaluMed several times - for myself, my husband, my mother-in-law, and most recently even for my dog Frizzi - and have been extremely satisfied each time. The very understandable medical report explanationss make it possible to understand complex medical correlations. In addition, the empathetic words at the beginning and end of the report make one feel taken seriously and well cared for...

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I was very surprised at how uncomplicated and quick my report was translated, I am thrilled and will report this positive event in my circle of friends. Many thanks.


BaluMed has clearly prepared and easily explained my findings. I would particularly like to highlight the letter that complemented the facts with a personal touch and encouraging words - it gave me the extra motivation I needed.

Cut injury to extensor tendon

I don't know how to thank you enough. Many thanks!


Very detailed and understandable translation and fast processing of the reports. Many thanks for that.


BaluMed has helped me understand my medical records and prepare for conversations with my oncologist. Now I use it for all my medical documents. It enables me to understand my health and actively participate in my treatment. I highly recommend BaluMed.

Colon cancer

I found the user guidance simple and understandable. There is always a certain uncertainty with a diagnosis. BaluMed helped me to fully understand the diagnosis.



Safe, fast, and uncomplicated.

Pay once, no subscription or hidden fees. Each explanation is checked by an doctor. We will refund you if you're unsatisfied. You will receive the result within 24 hours, depending on availability even faster and on the same day.

Patient letter

A summary of the medical information in your document in letter form, in which the most important information is explained in an understandable way.


    Report Explanation


    Patient letter + a detailed and interactive breakdown of the medical information in your documents. Each section is explained clearly and comprehensibly.


    $1.90 per additional page

      Report Explanation Plus

      Patient letter + Report Explanation + a detailed glossary of medical terms in the documents, each explained individually.


      $2.30 per additional page

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